Don’t Trust, Verify! NFTs are FOREVER! Powered by the University of Nicosia

In this article, we will address the application of blockchain technology and how this technology can initiate a paradigm shift in the dynamics and economic model of the tourism and travel industry. As these industries are highly affected by COVID challenges, blockchain and NFT technology bring the promise of alleviating…

Having to date secured millions of documents on the Blockchain through its Credentialing platform, BLOCK.CO is delighted to announce that it is now advancing its endeavours into the NFT space and the Metaverse, by helping brands utilize innovative technology to reach the best possible engagement and interaction with their communities.

As more and more companies, artists, producers, and customers connect with it, the growth of the NFT industry accelerates. In this article, we examine what NFT stands for in today’s digital world, as well as the role that social media plays in the exchange of NFTs.

Monetization and Commodification of…

We live in a world where users voluntarily part with a wealth of valuable personal data in exchange for access to social media platforms. Personal information is shared with third parties and used in ways that are unsafe and never directly benefit the vast majority of users.

In this article…


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