Linda Goetze joining BLOCK.CO’s advisor team

We would like to welcome Linda Goetze on the board of BLOCK.CO’s advisor team. Linda is a blockchain and DLT consultant as well as an industry leader — educator and technology enthusiast who continuously educates herself about blockchain matters and cryptocurrencies.

An educator and connector, Linda Goetze, M.Ed., has been engaged with blockchain technology since 2012. She is Co-Founder of DFM Data Corp., Inc., and recently served as President and CEO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce. Throughout her career she has worked in many blockchain projects such as Cointelligence, Women in Blockchain Talks, and many others. Linda is passionately engaged in facilitating the responsible use of cutting-edge technologies for the betterment of humanity. A member of Mensa and proud mother of boy/girl twins, she left traditional employment behind after spending 13 years as an award-winning educator. Spearheading the emerging Universal Framework of Things Consortium and advising several projects and funds, Linda “leads to serve,” and supports a number of nonprofits including her favorite charity, Linda educates people about technology, while her company DFM Data Corporation, is focused on eliminating phantom data from the supply chain industry. This coincides with BLOCK.CO’s mission, to eradicate document fraud by providing transparent, self-verifiable, consensus-based shipping certificates through our decentralized solution to prevent supply chain fraud.

Linda was very enthusiastic about joining BLOCK.CO’s team, because she believes in the bright future of blockchain. “BLOCK.CO has been a foundational cornerstone in the blockchain ecosystem since 2014 by providing verification of data by parties that may not trust each other. I look forward to being part of the team supporting one of the most historical institutions using blockchain toward participating in the most innovative implementations the world has ever seen.” — says Linda about BlOCK.CO.

Also, Linda’s path in Cointelligence, an educational portal providing data tools about smart contracts, tokenization, and Decentralized Finance will add value to BLOCK.CO, in spreading awareness to the masses about blockchain technology. Linda and BLOCK.CO will work towards discovering new possible use cases of blockchain in all industries and explore ways to reduce time and cost in implementing blockchain solutions.

Linda believes that perspective is the key. Therefore, she works with various founders, developers, business builders, innovators, and other proponents of positive change around the world. Linda is determined to support BLOCK.CO’s products and initiatives to make the world a better place via blockchain technology.

Once again welcome, Linda! We hope you will enjoy working with us and share your invaluable experience and knowledge with the whole team.

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