Metaverse Standards Forum Participation
3 min readJul 8, 2022

We are proud to announce that we are joining the Metaverse Standards Forum as a participant member, where leading standards organizations and companies cooperate to foster interoperability standards for an Open Metaverse.

Building a pervasive, open, and inclusive metaverse at a global scale will require cooperation and coordination between a constellation of international standards organizations and companies, including the Khronos Group, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Unity, and Lamina1, a blockchain payments startup co-founded by Snow Crash author Neal Stephenson.

As many industry players cannot agree on the exact definition of the metaverse, the Forum is interested in developing a “consistent terminology” for the space. The Forum will not develop standards itself, but it will coordinate requirements and resources to promote their creation within organizations that work on standards in relevant domains. The Forum will examine how the development of necessary standards is being held back by a lack of interoperability and how Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) might coordinate and speed up their efforts.

Open to any organization at no cost, the Forum will focus on pragmatic, action-based projects such as implementation prototyping, hackathons, and open-source tooling to accelerate the testing and adoption of metaverse standards, while also developing consistent terminology and deployment guidelines.

In our previous blog on the Open Metaverse, we discussed the evolution of the internet and the importance of an interoperable and cross-platform metaverse: “So, the Metaverse must be interoperable and cross-platform, whether in software or hardware, because otherwise, it will not be possible to create the scale necessary to cover the entire Internet.” We also noted the importance of Open Media Standards & Open Programming Language Standards towards interoperability.

As a spin-off company of the University of Nicosia, global leaders in blockchain education and research, we take our role and responsibility in this industry seriously. We promote the Open Metaverse Initiative, which is a comprehensive initiative focused on the academic, research and policy issues relating to the metaverse, with a particular emphasis on open public systems and standards. Although we are still a small player compared to tech giants, we believe that we have a great responsibility. Responsibility to build an Open Metaverse, a Metaverse that sees no centralized silos of tech giants, enables interoperability, improves lives, builds equality, and creates connections for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected. is a spinoff deriving from an academic institution with a vision to develop innovative solutions that address the needs of clients by ​remaining at the forefront of technological developments in our sector, and our participation will represent SMEs in the forefront of the Metaverse development. To that end, we are looking forward to our participation in the Metaverse Standards Forum to accelerate the development of Open Standards.

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