NFTs and Digital Identities

  • Identity is more than Government issued identity documentation. You are much more than what your passport or your driving license says you are.
  • Privacy. You share your identity data and documentation with 3rd party providers, and you must entrust them to maintain privacy and security. This trust is often compromised, and your identity data is breached.
  • Digital identity is still platform-centric. Your identity is connected to the platform on which you create the content, resulting in a fragmented identity across multiple platforms with compartmentalized and dismantled data.
  • Facilitate easy and convenient log-in
  • Create a frictionless payment ecosystem
  • Verify and attest the identity
  • Provide flexibility and extensibility
  • Cater for a multitude of privacy options
  • Minimize data stored on-chain
  • Enhance personal security
  • Give control of identity back to the user



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