Working Together for a Greater Impact with Autism Support Famagusta (Cyprus)
2 min readSep 14, 2022

Since NFTs are a great way to raise funds and spread the word about social and charitable causes, could not pass by a collaboration with Autism Support Famagusta to support autistic people and raise awareness about this neurodevelopment disorder.

Autism Support Famagusta’s mission lies in offering support and providing high-quality facilities which are based on ethical and inspiring opportunities for children and young people with autism. is proud to be a part of such a great cause and offer free issuance of (number) drawings of special kids attending the school.

Our joint campaign is aimed at disseminating information about this developmental disorder and funding the building of a new school for special kids by selling their art as NFTs.

If you would like to join our initiative and spread the good, get your NFT through a donation and help us spread awareness of Autism Support Famagusta’s mission.

Donate here:

Each NFT purchased may be resold at any decentralized marketplace. Each NFT resale includes 5% royalties paid to the Autism Support Famagusta wallet. Any revenues collected will be used to help us achieve the goal of helping kids and adults on the autism spectrum. Premium NFTs provide the holder with free access to our organization’s events and honorary mention on Autism Support Famagusta’s website as a premium sponsor.

Stand up for causes that are close to your heart by supporting projects that stand up for them!

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