Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a type of digital asset that can’t be exchanged, altered or split into smaller parts. They are often utilized as collectibles because they cannot be duplicated. Despite the excitement around NFTs and the multibillion-dollar industry they represent, they may also be utilized to promote social responsibility and give a variety of ways to incentivise good behaviour in our society.

In this post, we will look at how NFTs can be used to have a positive social impact.

So far, NFTs have provided a wonderful opportunity for consumers to sell a digital asset and profit from…

Interest in blockchain is driven by the growing awareness of what decentralized technologies are capable of. Blockchain is applicable in the field of real estate, with its complex and resource-intensive document flow for registering property. It is also a useful tool for verifying people’s identity.

Houses for rent, parking spaces, land plots — soon all these activities will be carried out on the blockchain, the interaction between buyers, sellers and investors is reaching a new level, where all the parties can see the transparency of the transactions they make.

Why should the real estate sector use blockchain technology?

  • Trust


Blockchain technology is increasingly being used by companies to optimize their structure and improve management efficiency. However, blockchain can also be used to enable hiring departments to find skilled workers faster and easier. According to CompTIA research, 51% of Blockchain early adopters in HR use it to verify digital identities, simplifying the talent scouting phase.

How can HR benefit from Blockchain?

  • Security of personal data

Blockchain makes it possible to use secure identification so that each of the candidates who submit their application for consideration is assured that all personal information concerned will not be stolen or distorted by hackers.

The oil and gas industry, like any other, has intermediaries, manual operations, and associated costs. Automation of such processes within the company and between contractors is the main goal of all services and departments. Blockchain technology, in turn, offers the oil and gas industry new opportunities to solve financial, trade, and logistic problems. Using a distributed ledger can help create a single trusted space between counterparties, while smart contracts automate some of the functions. In 2018, large companies such as BP, Shell, Gazprom, Statoil, and Repsol launched pilot projects that were built using blockchain. …

In this article, we will explore NFTs, their use cases and try to demystify their origins and potential. After quadrupling in market size in 2020 to $250M, only to then surge to $2B in Q1 of this year, NFTs have of course piqued the interest of mainstream media. People recently have spent millions of dollars on digital collectibles while this trend shows no signs of slowing down. What are NFTs, why do people buy them for millions, and how can the popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens benefit marketeers?

Investing in art and collectibles has always been popular. Investors often pay millions…

In this article, we explore how blockchain can mitigate cybersecurity risks. Over the last few years, the popularity and widespread adoption of blockchain has grown. Blockchain technology has already been rapidly adopted by countries like India, Denmark, and Australia, while blockchain technology’s market share has reached a steady growth rate of 34% annually.

In 2021, cybersecurity references were on the rise, mainly due to the increase of cyber-attacks in multiple industries. For example, a mass cyber-attack affected millions of Microsoft users around the globe, wherein threat actors actively exploited four zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Exchange Server. It is believed that…

This blog post has been written by BLOCK.CO’s CEO Alexis Nicolaou!

On the 15th of July, I was fortunate enough to participate (online) in the “Art and Tech Summit: NFTs and Beyond”, organised by Christie’s in New York. #christiesarttech2021.

The imminent launch of our own NFT minting platform, makes our participation in events of such high calibre, imperative.

The speaker line-up was impressive. A mix of artists, creators, collectors, investors, marketeers, and tech specialists foretold that this was going to be enlightening.

And indeed, it was.

In this post, I wish to share some of the quotes from the event…

We would like to welcome Linda Goetze on the board of BLOCK.CO’s advisor team. Linda is a blockchain and DLT consultant as well as an industry leader — educator and technology enthusiast who continuously educates herself about blockchain matters and cryptocurrencies.

An educator and connector, Linda Goetze, M.Ed., has been engaged with blockchain technology since 2012. She is Co-Founder of DFM Data Corp., Inc., and recently served as President and CEO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce. Throughout her career she has worked in many blockchain projects such as Cointelligence, Women in Blockchain Talks, and many others. Linda is passionately…

This blog post was written by Jonathan Reichental, a guest publisher of BLOCK.CO!

In 2009, Bitcoin, the first of many cryptocurrencies and still the most successful today, arrived on the scene. Eleven years later, despite repeated forecasts of its demise, Bitcoin and thousands of other cryptos continue to be in use, and some would say, thriving and disrupting the status quo of fiat currency and parts of the financial industry. Back in 2009, few would have predicted that the underlying technology that makes cryptocurrency work, the so-called distributed ledger, would come to be an even bigger story.

Distributed ledger technology…

BLOCK.CO welcomes a new ambassador on board — Akathisti Vekri who has more than 26 years of experience in marketing, public relations, and the communications sector in many companies that have achieved great professional results.

Akathisti provides consulting and training services for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses regarding global finance, insurance, cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology application. She is also competent in institution banking, e-money institutions, fintech & insurtech spheres.

She is an executive consultant and a project manager for several projects in sustainable tourism, she also possesses a Global Sustainable Tourism Certification and ESG expertise. As an activist for sustainable development…


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